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El Segundo Brewing Company

An otherwise quiet afternoon in Venice was interrupted by a sudden burst of sound.


Trees bowed in the wind from the blast for miles around, release of a beast carried in the waves. Scents of citrus and pine filled my nose, forced to attention by the constant sniffle of a cold. I sneeze. There’s snot everywhere. It’s gross.

Yet life goes on, and beer is delicious.

El Segundo Brewing Company Ka-PAU! IPA |

From New Zealand come the hops tantalizing what’s left of my nose’s ability to tell left from right. He’s running at about forty percent efficiency right now, which is rather shabby. But if you ask him, he’ll say “I detect clean and present citrus hop characteristics lined with hints of stone and grapefruit in front of fresh pale maltiness”, in a rather nasal, rich and fake british accent. He’s sassy when he’s sick.

The wind has calmed, and I hear drumming coming from the west. The joys of living by the beach.

El Segundo Brewing Company Ka-PAU! IPA |

It requires an impressive balance of hop and malt body to create a brew which remains new after every sip and gulp. Surely it would be neat to own a brewery. Such artistic, scientific control of the brewing environment is required, it’s amazing we get it right so much of the time. The malt/hop balance this brew exhibits would make a gymnast jealous. It would make a cat jealous. It’s even making this guy jealous:

…and he’s a evil balancing genius!

This fucking wind keeps blowing shit in my beer! Never live by the beach kids, it’ll make you cynical of weather.

El Segundo Brewing Company Ka-PAU! IPA |

Anyway, where were we? I was lost in thought about walking to Whole Foods for more of this superb cerveza. Surely my lady will want to obtain nutrients this eve, perhaps I shall barter for a few then.

I find the finish on this brewski has me drinking it slower than I would otherwise. Short sweetness followed by pronounced hop body which hits right to the core of my tongue and gums. It maintains flavor for a surprising length of time, then resides, making way for the next hoppy, malty, yeasty, zesty ka-PAU of deliciousness.

I’d have no remorse if this was the only beer I could drink for the rest of the year. None at all.


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