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Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA

Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA

This is a crazy ass beer. I’ll get right to the point, it tastes as you would imagine a sour IPA to taste. It’s pretty nice actually. And it’s fucking crazy. This beer is blowing my mouth’s brain. It’s a good sour beer made with a healthy amount of hops, coming from Epic Brewing in Denver, Colorado.

Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA

Founded in 2010, Epic brews more than 39 beers and believes there is a beer for every person and every occasion. This sour IPA suggests they walk the walk that they talk.


Deep gold beer. A halloween colored label adorned with juicy looking grapefruits and some curvy lines wraps this piece of aluminum. Makes me think of record players. A neat looking can.

Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA

No lasting head. Don’t get this beer if you like head.


A curious combination of hop and the musk of a sour. Not a very strong nose.

Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA


Gonna go with crazy again. This is a crazy beer. Pretty mild hops meet medium level sourness and really go well together. I do think this is more of a “hoppy sour beer” rather than a “sour IPA”.

Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA

Sour flavor overpowers any malt presence, which is not something I’m a huge fan of. As it warms that becomes increasingly the case. I’m not big on sour beers, but I do rather enjoy them sometimes, for example the Petrus Aged Red is super good.


This may be a crazy beer but I wouldn’t say I’m crazy about it. It’s okay. This is not a beer that I can drink more than one of in a row. I think that’s probably an attribute of most sours though, so I’m not knocking off points for that.

Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA


I don’t remember how much this cost. Get it if you’re curious.

4 thoughts on “Epic Brewing Tart N Jucy Sour IPA”

  • HopsandThings. What temperature do you try the beers at? And for this beer, did you go 35 degrees for a sour? Or 46 degrees for an IPA?

    • They generally start out at about 35 and warm their way up from there. Sometimes I’ll warm it up a bit with my hands if I want things to happen faster.

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