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Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale

Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale

A session Pale Ale brewed with oats. Yummy, nutritious oats. Crafted by Bell’s Brewery, this brewski is a unique and intriguing one. Yes, another beer from Bell’s. I saw it at the store and couldn’t resist. You can expect this type of behavior from me in the future.

Bell’s is easily one of my favorite breweries. Everything I learn about them makes me like them more. Most recently I was checking out their sustainability page and was blown away by how many environmentally friendly practices they follow, including but not limited to no-till farming (on their own farm), using geothermal fields to regulate temperatures, and a heat exchanger which:

not only cools wort so yeast can thrive to ferment healthy beer, it also pre-heats carbon filtered water that goes into subsequent batches, reclaiming 17 million BTUs a day.

How cool is that? The sustainability link above has more awesome stuff, including their grass roof.

Okay, let’s talk about this beer.


Light gold with hints of amber depending on your lighting. Fully filtered, but not entirely transparent. Head is mild on this one and dies in due time.

Bell's Oatsmobile Ale


Light malt with very little to no discernable hop aroma in the ol’ smeller, though I was was able to detect more as it warmed up. You should always let your beer warm up if you want to experience it. There’s a reason Coors’ selling point is “it’s cold”.

Bell's Oatsmobile Ale


Light malt body at the starting line with moderate hops following close behind. Mostly bitter flavor from the hops with no fruitiness, which makes sense for this beer. The hop profile is nice and robust, but not overly powerful. Right in the range of a pale ale.

Bell's Oatsmobile Ale

Oat flavor is present but not very strong, which is probably to be expected considering oats don’t really have much flavor of their own. Finish is a nice lasting balance of malt, hops and oats.


Bell's Oatsmobile Ale


This is a good session beer. It’s refreshing at 4.3% ABV, perfect for drinking on a warm day. I don’t drink session ales very often but when I’m in the mood I’ll look for it again. Luckily it’s part of Bell’s year round offerings, so I shan’t have to wait if desire finds me. Let’s be honest, it probably will.

Bell's Oatsmobile Ale


At $11 per six pack ($1.83/beer), this is a reasonably priced beer. It could be cheaper, but I can tell it was crafted with care so I’m happy parting with the green for the gold.

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